Scavenge Rowlett: The Twelve Days of Rowlett Christmas

UPDATE: See this post for more details as gameday approaches.

Scavenge Rowlett is a fun photo-based scavenger hunt to help raise money for the Christmas Tornado First Response fund. Using your smartphone you’ll complete missions over the 12 days of Christmas, earning points for each completed mission. Extra points for creativity will be assigned at the end. Biggest point-getter wins a $150 Walmart gift card.

Beginning on Thursday, December 14 you will be able to start accomplishing missions using the  Eventzee app (available on Android and iPhone). There will be several missions available each day. Some will be generic, like “take a photo of a red car” or “selfie wearing your favorite team jersey.” Some will be specific to the 12 days of Rowlett Christmas and must be completed in or around the Rowlett area. One example might be “find something Christmasy in front of Rowlett City Hall.” Or you might have to find and scan a QR code somewhere in the city. For the specific photo missions our judges will need to be able to tell for sure that your evidentiary submitted photo was taken in Rowlett. No Photoshopping allowed!

Your photos will earn you points. Extra credit given for creativity. Extra credit points won’t be added until after the event is over so you won’t know for sure who won until we make our big announcement.

We recommend downloading the app ahead of time and playing the free weekend hunts offered. These drop on Thursdays at 3pm. It will give you a little experience and make you better prepared for Scavenge Rowlett: The 12 Days of Rowlett Christmas.

The Eventzee app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Without our sponsors we couldn’t do this! Show them some love!

Barnaby Heating and Air was our title sponsor the first time we did Scavenge Rowlett and has stuck with us! It’s that time of year to get your heaters checked out and who better to call than Barnaby!

Here are a few of our mission sponsors. Please visit their sites and learn a little about them because you many need to know it once the games starts 🙂

 More Event Details

The first Scavenge Rowlett was a single-day event and everyone had a ton of fun! This year’s event promises to be even more fun–everyone can play because it takes place over a period of time. And you can do it on your own schedule!

Pass the word and share the event on your social media. Proceeds benefit our First Response Appreciation project.

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Here’s a little slideshow from our first Scavenge Rowlett. Were you there?

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